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how to best enjoy

Usually when we hear “gin”, the first thing that comes to mind is gin & tonic, the classic refreshing aperitif, sun-downer or, of late, also after-dinner drink.

The Good Gin is not necessarily designed as a mixer, so I have a few suggestions for you.

Firstly, go slow, sit down, pour into a beautiful clear glass and don’t be afraid to try it neat and at room temperature.

Enjoy the aromas through your nose and watch the liquid pearl down the crystal.

Then slowly savour all those flavours emerging on your palate.

If you feel like mixing, go and explore.

I like it with maybe just a bit of soda

some dry vermouth for an elegant Dry Martini cocktail

dry vermouth & Campari for a classic Negroni.

And if you are really into gin & tonic, look for a non-sweet, craft tonic and also keep the garnish simple:

I love to throw in just a few mint leaves, or some fresh juicy pomegranate seeds to highlight the healthy part.

It also goes fantastically well with pink grapefruit & rosemary, beautifully accentuating The Good Gin’s botanicals.

Please note: This is an authentically natural product and I decided on “unfiltered” for the sake of letting all its goodness come through. However, this can mean that you find an occasional cloudiness if you chill The Good Gin down too much.